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1.   The hotel registers the acommodated guest. For the purpose of the registration is the guest bound to produce his passport

      or another valid identity card. Without any valid identity card will the guest not be accommodated by the hotel.

2.   On registration the hotel will issue the guest with a hotel card refering to the accommodation period and the room

      number, possibly the price for one day´s accommodation. On a repeated arrival of a guest who was already   

      accommodated, the guests prooves his identity by  the hotel card. The guest is obligated to produce his identity card again

      if he is asked so even  though he was already registered.

3.   The hotel room is only being used by the guest for the period of time agreed with the hotel.

4.   The check in time is possible after 14.00. An erlier check in can be done in case the operational conditions of the hotel 

      allow it.

5.   The reservation is held until 17.00 on the day of arrival unless otherwise agreed on booking the room.      

6.   The guest is bound to leave the room by 12.00 on the day of his departure. If the guest does not do so, he can be charged

       by the hotel for another night. In case of necessity is the hotel entitled to move out the guest´s things of the room during

       his absence, make a list write and hand them over on the basis of the written record.   

7.   A guest who requires accommodation before 12.00, will pay the price of accommodation for the whole previous night if

      the room could not be occupied out of this reason. A guest who checks in before 9.00 will be charged for the previous


8.   The guest must respect the night calm in the hotel from 22.00 to 7.00.

9.   If the guest requires an extension of his stay, he can be offered another room than the one he had been accommodated


10. Persons affected by infectious diseases cannot be accommodated in the hotel.

11. In case the guest falls ill or is injured the hotel secures the provision of medical aid,  possibly a transfer to hospital.

12. Visitors can be received in the hotel room when the hotel agrees to it from 8.00 to 22.00. Visitors are bound to produce

      their identity cards and will be recorded in the visitors book.

13. The guests are not allowed to remove the furniture, make repairs or any adjustments in the electricity, heating or other

      installations in the whole area of the hotel without approval of the hotel management.

14. The guests are not allowed to use their own electric appliances in the whole hotel,  appart from electric appliances which

      serve the personal hygiene /shaving machine, massage machine, hair dryer/.

15. Before leaving the room is the guest bound to close the windows, turn off the water taps, switch off the light and lock the

      room. Any time he leaves the hotel he is bound to hand in the key at the reception.

16. Out of safety reasons it is not allowed to leave the children under the age of 10 alone not only in the room but also in the

      whole area of the hotel without any supervision of adult persons.

17. The guest is responsible for caused damage to the hotel property and is obligated to pay it.

18. For depositing valuable things and money there is a safe at the reception of the hotel. In accordance with the Civil law the

      hotel is responsible for jewellery and other valuables which were not deposited only up to the limit of 5.000,- Kč.

      Into the safekeeping are taken valuables up to the price of 100.000,- Kč. If the value of the things taken is higher, is the

      guest bound to mention this fact to the receptionist.

19. For accomodation or any other services pays the guest in accordance with the valid price list,  possibly in accordance with  

      a price which was agreed. In any case is the hotel entitled to require the payment either cash or by credit card,

      and in advance.

20. Complaints or suggestions consults the guest immediately with a responsible member of the hotel staff. In case this is not

      possible, he can make a report in a book which is at the reception of the hotel.

21. Dogs, cats and other animals can stay in the hotel for a fee with an approval of the hotel on the condition that their      

       harmless hesly condition is prooved by the owner.

22. In the whole area of the hotel the dogs must wear a muzzle.

23. The animals cannot be left alone in the hotel without their owner or another person.

24. The animals cannot rest on the bed or other furniture which serves other guests.

25. For feeding the animals cannot be used the equipment which serves for preparing meals for other guests.

26. The guest is responsible for damage caused by the animal to the hotel property and is bound to pay for it.

27. The guest is bound to observe these hotel rules. Hotel can withdraw from the contract about provision of the hotel 

      services if the guest does not respect these rules or if he breakes them. In this case can the hotel withdraw from the  

      contract even before the expiration of the agreed period of time.


These hotel rules are valid from 24th March 2008


Ing. Jan Bernatík

   hotel director

Following the amended Act No. 634/1992 Coll. on Consumer Protection, an additional obligation has emerged to provide information on the “entity in charge of out-of-court settlements of customer disputes that has the jurisdiction over the particular type of the offered, marketed, provided or mediated product or service”.

1.   The accommodated guest shall have the right to file a motion for out-of-court settlement of dispute with the designated entity in charge of out-of-court consumer dispute settlements, which is:

The Czech Trade Inspection Authority (CTIA)

Central Inspectorate - ADR Department

Štěpánská 15

120 00 Praha 2

E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


The Czech Trade Inspection Authority is a supervisory body monitoring consumer protection, acting in pursuance of Act No. 64/1986 Coll., The Czech Trade Inspection Authority Act as amended, and additional legal regulations. The Czech Trade Inspection Authority´s website is

2. In conformity with the provision § 1837 item j) of the Act No. 89/2012 Coll., Civil Code, no right of withdrawal from the accommodation contract shall arise for the accommodated person as being a consumer as long as the accommodation facility provides the contractual performances within the designated deadlines.


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